Gnome Forest is the twelfth level in Pizza Tower, and the second level of the Island Adventure.

In this level, the player finds themselves in a big dark forest where a village can be found where gnomes and goblins that look like Gustavo and The Noise respectively live, as well as a much brighter, big and open cliff-side forest with giant pizza trees in the background.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Transformations[edit | edit source]

  • Ball
  • Knight
  • Firemouth
  • Ghost
  • Barrel

Gimmicks[edit | edit source]

  • Pizza delivery
  • Gustavo's pizzas
  • Big mushrooms
  • Gnome customers
  • Taxis
  • Enemy gauntlets
  • Checkpoints
  • Dash pad
  • Banana peel
  • Pizza cutter
  • Enemy Block
  • Free milk stands
  • Teleporter pizza
  • Tombstones
  • Timed gates
  • Balloon

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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