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Fun Farm is the eighth level in Pizza Tower, and the third level of the Weird West.

The level takes place in a farm run by The Vigilante. Mort the Chicken lives here.




  • Mort
  • Ball
  • Ghost
  • Firebutt
  • Firemouth



Pizza Tower at the Farm![]

The starting room, there is a staircase which there is a Tribe Cheese wandering around, explode the TNT block to get the 2 complete pizzas. (2 Bandito Chickens will appear when you do)

Cow Stack[]

The room has a shotgun (which turns into a chaingun when The Noise grabs it) spawner with an secret just at the left, just shoot to get there, an metal detector and some Box of Pizzas.

Cow in a Hole[]

Bring Your Gun[]

Strangest Wrath[]

Fly High Hay[]

The Ambush[]

The Hero Return[]

Mort appears in this room, along with some Mort Cubes.

Destroyer of Cube[]

Dying Smart[]

Morbid Mort[]

Cow Parkour[]

Hate the Farmer, Not the Game[]

Chicken Fun[]

Burning Down The Farm[]

It's Not Too Late for My Mercy[]

Secret Rooms + Treasure[]

Think Before You Shoot[]

Hate the Hay[]

The burning haystacks are used, and you also get an Pizza Shield in this secret as well.

Vanishing Ghost[]

Fishing for Fishies[]

A secret with lots of anchovis.

Illegal Flying Ladder[]

You Deserve It[]


It's a treasure room.


  • The flying ladders were once the hook object seen in very early prototypes, but were removed as PTG said the flying ladders were easier to code in.
  • The room "Cow Stack" was actually a joke from the spriting stream for the farm level.
  • The room "Destroyer of Cube" may be a reference to J. Robert Oppenheimer's famous quote "Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds."
  • The room "Chicken Fun" is a reference to the claymation film Chicken Run. Coincidentally, the blurb on the box art for the original Mort the Chicken contains a reference to this film.
  • The room "Burning Down The Farm" may be a reference to the 1983 Talking Heads single, Burning Down the House.
  • The room "Fishing for Fishies" is a reference to the 2019 King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard single, Fishing for Fishies, from the album of the same name.
  • The rooms "Strangest Wrath", "Morbid Mort", and "Burning Down The Farm" did not appear in the first 2 versions of the Western Patreon build, as they were added in Western Build V3.
  • Funnily enough, when PTG was testing the new point values, the background for "Pizza Tower at the Farm!" wasn't aligned, causing an issue with the background. PTG added this to be fixed later under: "The world ends at the farm."
  • The room Morbid Mort was removed in the Beach and Forest build, however, it was added back in the April2021Build.
    • This was most likely due to its large reliance on transformations to progess, while the BeachandForest build altered most points in each level where transformations were required to progress.


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