Freezer is the twenty-third level in Pizza Tower, and the third level of the Horror Passage.

It's a seemingly massive freezer where it slowly gets warmer and warmer. After a certain amount of time has passed, the ice blocks throughout the level will melt away to change the level's structure.

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An earlier version of Freezer.

  • Pepperman was originally planned to make his main playable debut in Freezer, but this idea was scrapped.
  • Freezer was originally planned to be the fourth level of the City Passage, proceeding Factory and preceding the World 4 Boss Fight. It was most likely moved due to Mansion's placement change, as well as the addition of Space.
  • In earlier demos, Freezer was a Noise-exclusive level.
    • The background of the level appears to show a Peppino-like chef frozen in ice, which could've been the original reason for its exclusivity.
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