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Forknight is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Forknight is a very nervous-looking yellow cheese creature in shiny grey knight armour with a small yellow-orange feather sticking out his helmet. It wields a large grey fork at all times.


"These guards are actually off duty, they are just trying to find their lunch to eat with their giant forks. Avoid running into those."
— The manual.

Forknight walks back and forth on the ground, turning at ledges and walls. Its fork is held in front of it as it walks, hurting the player on direct contact. To avoid this damage, the player must either attack it from any other angle, or cause it to enter its stunned or scared animations by bumping into its harmless sides or dashing towards it at Mach 3 or higher respectively, making the fork temporarily harmless. However, the fork doesn't take up its entire front; a small jump can allow the player to avoid the fork and still hit it.

Forknight takes two weak attacks to defeat, but like most other enemies, stronger moves such as a Mach 3 dash or a throw will defeat it instantly. Under high Heat Meter levels, Forknight will turn on a small orange jetpack on its backside and use it to dash towards the player if they are in the way. The dash attack covers a somewhat short distance, but Forknight can turn around and use it if the player is behind them.


  • Despite its large weapon, the manual states that Forknight is not trying to hurt the player. It's explained to wield its fork because it's simply trying to find its lunch, which explains its nervous demeanour. This seems to be true except during high Heat Meter levels, as Forknight gives the player an angry glare when it performs a jetpack dash.
  • In Noise's Hardoween, Forknight is recoloured orange akin to cheddar cheese with a dark blue fork and armour.
  • In the Preearlytestbuild, if a Forknight were to walk into a destroyable object, like a Breakable Door, it wouldn't turn around, instead walking endlessly into the object. This was due to a coding oversight where Forknight was never programmed to turn at destroyable objects, something also seen with Pepperoni Goblins.


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