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Flying Anchovy is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Flying Anchovy is a blue anchovy with two small googly eyes and a pair of white wings. It visibly struggles to keep itself in the air, sweating as it flails its entire body just to remain afloat.

Flying Anchovy is described as being extremely nearsighted, thinking Peppino is a big fly as it can't see him well.


"These flying fish thinks that Peppino is a big fly, somehow. They have very bad eyesight and need glasses. Avoid them while they charge or grab them before they start!"
— The manual.

Flying Anchovy flaps in place, awaiting Peppino. Once Peppino has entered its horizontal view at Mach 2 or lower, it'll charge at him in a straight line, hurting Peppino on contact only stopping once it hits a wall, becoming stunned on the impact, or is stunned by a jump. While stunned, Flying Anchovy loses the ability to fly for a short bit before returning in the air to strike once more.

Flying Anchovy is a fragile enemy, as one weak attack will defeat it instantly. Under high Heat Meter levels, Flying Anchovy can puff itself up and perform a downward body slam when Peppino approaches it.


  • Flying Anchovy was originally the air equivalent of a Cheeseslime, having no special capabilities. In the Preearlytestbuild demo, they would only fly in place.


Regular animations[]


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