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Entrance is the first level in Pizza Tower, and the first level of the Tower Passage.

This level takes place at the entrance of the tower, which also features a jungle and a city, and many Pillar John-like creatures.



  • Unlike every other level, Entrance has multiple main themes that change according to what character enters it. If the player enters as Peppino, Unearthly Blues will play, but if the player enters as The Noise, The Noise's Jam-Packed Radical Anthem will play.
  • As the selection of playable levels expanded over the course of Pizza Tower's development, Entrance became the third to be the introductory level of a demo release. The first was Oregano Desert and the second was Pizzascape.
  • The long Pillar John seen in the first few rooms changes appearance during Pizza Time. It gains a more angry look and opens its eyes, revealing yellow-ring shaped pupils, like those of the regular Pillar John.
  • Entrance used to be a tutorial level, ending before "A City Now?".


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