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Earlytestbuild, also known as Demo 0, is a testing demo of Pizza Tower.

While it was never officially publically released, it was eventually shared to the public.

In this demo, Peppino controlled very differently compared to how he does in later demos. The dash move was mapped to X instead of Shift, and Peppino had two moves that don't appear in any other demos. These two moves were a move where Peppino jumps higher than usual by holding up while jumping, and a pseudo-ground pound move that was activated by pressing down while falling which was later replaced by the body slam.

Some other quirks to this demo included the placeholder sound effects, which were replaced by original sounds afterwards. Some sounds are notably ripped from Wario Land 2 and Wario Land 3, such as the theme when carrying a bomb, which was the theme for Flaming Wario in those games, and the max speed sound effect; others are either stock sounds, or pulled from other sources.




  • Knight
  • Bomb


  • Skateboard


  • The earlier version of Demo 0 had no difference on the Smoked Weenie, and some level design changes.
  • Peppino had an completely different idle animation.
  • Enemies have animations that go unused in newer builds.
  • There was supposed form music which later got scrapped due to Pizza Tower now trying to not imitate Wario Land's form music, making it original on it's own.
  • Peppino's Super Jump animation is slightly different.
  • In knight form, Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger was used. The victory screen music uses the level clear jingle from Wario World.
  • This is the only demo that's been released to have enemies unable to be killed.
  • Peppino has a voice in this demo, which plays whenever you get hit, collect a complete pizza, unlock a door, collect the secret treasure, and when the escape timer happens. All but the last one have different voices, and one is chosen to be played.
    • Some of the voice samples appear to be the same ones used for stock cartoon voices from Warner Bros.