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"Burble? Burple blorp? Gloop."
— A Cheeseslime.

Cheeseslime is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Cheeseslime is a shiny gooey yellow cheese creature with two dark-bagged eyes and a gaping black mouth. It doesn't have any visible limbs so it just struts itself forward, though in some cases it's been shown with retractable cheesy arms.


"Totally useless. Cannon fodder. These guys are basically just strolling around, not aware that a deranged Italian man is destroying their home."
— The manual.

Cheeseslime oozes back and forth on the ground, turning at ledges and walls. It cannot directly harm or affect Peppimo under normal circumstances, as it becomes stunned on contact if it bumps into the player from any side.

Cheeseslimes are not durable either, as they will be defeated after one weak attack. Under high Heat Meter levels, however, Cheeseslime will get angry and try to hit Peppino with a baseball bat if they are close enough to it. The swinging of the bat propels the Cheeseslime towards Peppino.


  • Cheeseslime once had a full defeat animation that has went unused since the SAGE 2019 Demo.
  • According to Toppinbot on the Pizza Tower Discord, Cheeseslime is oblivious to its surroundings. This statement is questionable, as all Cheeseslimes will show aggression towards the player if the Heat Meter is high enough. In addition, some groups of Cheeseslimes drive Cardboard Tanks, which actively try to hurt the player by ramming them or firing projectiles. However this may just imply that Cheeseslimes have varying levels of intelligence, with The Vigilante being a major example of this, being fully capable of using various weapons like guns and dynamite to his advantage.
  • In Noise's Hardoween, Cheeseslime is recoloured blue. This is mostly likely a reference to blue cheese.
  • In the Preearlytestbuild, Cheeseslime was able to hurt the player if they touched it from the side.
  • Cheeseslime is the only enemy in the Earlytestbuild that can be properly defeated, though no Pizza Points are given.


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