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Cardboard Tank is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Cardboard Tank is a brown rectangular cardboard tank with two large round eyes sticking over its long barrel and three pizza-like wheels. Cheese can be seen dripping out of its sides, and it has a hatch on its top that can be opened and closed. It is controlled by three Cheeseslimes, as seen when defeating it.


Cardboard Tank drives along and fires bombs from its barrel when Peppino nears, sometimes also spitting out Cheeseslimes from its hatch.

At high Heat Meter levels, it may also charge at Peppino when he is spotted, flattening him. They have an average durability, and can be defeated in two weak attacks.


  • Before the April 2021 Build, Cardboard Tank couldn't be grabbed. It also originally had 8 hit points and fired cheese spikes similar to that of Spit Cheese's instead of bombs.
  • A trashed Cardboard Tank can be seen in one of the backgrounds for Warzone.


Regular animations[]

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