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Cannon Pizza Goblin is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


The appearance of Cannon Pizza Goblin is similar to the Pizza Box Goblin, however unlike the Pizza Box Goblin, he wears a red bandana, has a mustache and a goatee, and holds a portable cannon instead of a bomb.


Cannon Pizza Goblin acts like the regular Pizza Box Goblin, but instead of throwing a regular bomb, he fires bombs from his cannon that ignore gravity and can't be grabbed. The bombs are still capable of destroying Bomb Blocks, however.

Cannon Pizza Goblin is actually weaker than his bomb-throwing cousin, and will only take one weak attack to defeat.


  • Bombs thrown by Pizza Box Goblins in Demo 1 weren't affected by gravity, similarly to this enemy.
  • The Cannon Goblin has a Cannon Goblinbot variation that shoots bombs automatically.
  • In the BeachandForestv2 build, they don't have a proper panic animation. Instead, they share the same one with the Pizza Box Goblin.
  • In the Online Level Editor, if a level is made so that the bombs fired from the Cannon Pizza Goblin come in contact with ground from below, the player can actually grab the bomb.


Regular animations[]

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