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Camembert Squire is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Camembert Squire is a yellow circular camembert cheese creature with small stubby arms and legs, a forever bitten mouth, and a silver spiked pickelhaube. He is often seen wielding a large pizza cutter while he rides his Weenie Mount.

Weenie Mount is a plump brown faceless sausage with four stubby legs and little sausage bits hanging out its front and back.


Camembert Squire awaits in place before charging forwards with his Weenie Mount on sight of the player, his pizza cutter facing forward and his helmet damaging on contact. His Weenie Mount will continue to run until hitting a wall, causing Camembert Squire to become stunned for a short amount of time before charging at the player once more. This is the player's only chance of defeating him, as he cannot be stunned any other way and his weapons and armour normally protect him from all sides. During his stun, if he is hit at Mach 2 or higher or grabbed, he will become defeated, leaving behind his Weenie Mount, which will stand in place until the player interacts with it, to which it will start the Weenie Mount transformation, forcefully charging the player forward until hitting a wall. All the player can do during this form is jump and ride through Boiling Sauce pools, its main purpose which is often the reason to why one would want to defeat Camembert Squire.

Some lone Weenie Mounts can spawn out of Enemy Spawners, acting identically to when their Camembert Squire is defeated without the Squire himself.


Regular animations[]

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