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Bandito Chicken is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Bandito Chicken is a rotisserie chicken wearing a sombrero, with its eyes coming out of the hole where its head would be.


When first encountered, they sleep in a similar fashion to the original behavior of the Piraneapple enemy. If they are approached by a player, they will wake up and try to run away from them, occasionally dropping bones behind them that can hurt the player.

Bandito Chicken has an average durability, and will take two weak attacks to be defeated. Under high Heat Meter levels, Bandito Chicken will drop a large exploding bone that splits into two regular-sized bones when it detonates.


  • Before being given their current behavior, Bandito Chicken used to have a different behavior where it'd chase the player when waking up instead of running away. This was changed to the current behavior because it was too similar to that of the Mini John enemy.
  • Before being sprited and programmed for the game, Bandito Chicken was, according to the Design Document, originally supposed to peck players off platforms, which implies that the enemy was originally going to be a live chicken instead of a rotisserie chicken.


Regular animations[]

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